• “He has an undoubtedly strong technique”.

  • “It generates in the hear a state of dreaminess consubstantial with the music of Falla. Fruit evident of his virtuosity as an interpreter and of his fine sensitivity as a musician. We augur a prominent place in the European music scene”. 

  • “One of the most brilliant young Spanish pianists […
    ] Unquestionable sensitivity and talent.”

  • “He has an undeniable musical talent that allowed him to have a high level knowledge of the instrument.”

    Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden

    Professor in the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth and the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels. 3rd. Prize in the Queen Elisabeth International Piano Competition
  • “He has a strong and secure technique that allows
    him to get a brilliant sound and a great sensibility
    from the piano. He has got the Second Prize in
    “Concurso Ciudad de Albacete”.

    Julio García Casas

    President of Juventudes Musicales in Seville and Andalusia and I Vice president of Juventudes Musicales in Spain
  • “He is a real artist, interesting, and with a particular

    Leonid Margarius

    Professor in the Accademia Pianistica Internazionale di Imola
  • “A very worthy representative of Almería in the
    very near future.”

    Ricardo Requejo

    Pianist, Professor in Musikene
  • “He is capable of doing everything beautiful and showing style.”

    Jaume Comellas

    Director in the Revista Musical Catalana
  • “He has a crazy musicality.”

    Anna Kravtchenko

    First Prize in the Busoni International Piano Competition, Professor in the Lugano Conservatoire
  • His performance was full of conviction, instrumental quality and expressive solidity. There was depth, spiritual recollection, mysticism, color and light.”

    Justo Romero


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